Sunday, September 26, 2010

Further Adventures in Fasteners -- Snaps

After looking at a few patterns for pouches and clutches, it seemed like a good project to try out. There were a number of good projects, but nothing spot on  with what I had in my head, so this is an amalgamation of approaches. These were very quick projects, once I figured out what I was actually doing.

These projects are made by creating a long top, and then applying fusible interfacing to the wrong side. The piece is then folded and sewn together. There was a mathematical error with my first attempt, resulting in a much longer bag than I intended. This uses three fabric from Connecting Threads.

Another miscalculation resulted in incorrect snap placement for my second try, so this one currently doesn't have any kind of closure. However, I loved the fabric so much, I went back and bought more.

With the final creation of the night, I managed to get everything more or less as I intended.

Of course, I couldn't tell you what these are actually for, but in future versions, I would like to use magnetic snaps, rather than traditional ones. 

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