Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experiments with Zippers

I've been trying to work with installing zippers in bag. The first project used the wrong type of zipper (oops!) and I initially cut the strap for the back too short and extended them using scraps, which didn't turn out very neatly. The plan was good, the execution left something to be desired. I will probably try to make something similar in the near future.The pocket fabric is very exciting!

 The cosmetics bag turned out much better! It is 8" by 6", lined with a layer of batting. Next time, I might try just using interfacing, rather than batting.

Also, there was a members sale at Fabricland today, requiring a ridiculous amount of self-control. It's on until Saturday, so who knows what will happen.


  1. So pretty!
    You should probably get a bit more fabric at the sale. Just my opinion.

  2. Thanks for acing that cosmetics bag.
    It looks just about perfect. Can you show me next time?
    Sale on 'til Saturday, you say??