Monday, October 4, 2010


After another coaster making excursion, I decided that I wanted to tackle a larger project than I have undertaken so far. Part of my hesitancy to take on something bigger is that I don't have all of the proper attachments for my sewing machine. It turns out that finding a walking foot for my older model Singer isn't as easy as I would have hoped. That I wanted something more ambitious is about the only thing I could settle one.

And thus begun the cycle of search online—find something interesting—pull out various fabrics, none of which seem right—second guess project selection—repeat. It felt like this went on for a very long time. Finally, I settled on a holiday table pad for our coffee table.

Most of the block are made from two long strips of gold and red, cut to the appropriate size.

Once I finished the top, I used some plain red for the binding and the backing.

The finished product was about 18" x 27".

The good news is that my sewing does have a feed dog cover!


  1. It's gorgeous. Great centre matching in that last photo. Did you make up this design or find it? It sort of reminds me of the placemats I had to take a class to learn - lol. :) So did you do any quilting on it?

  2. *waves to Not an artist - who basically actually is one