Monday, January 3, 2011

eReader Sleeve -- Take I

Happy New Year! My resolution is to not have picking quilting projects induce a nervous breakdown--or at least have that happen less frequently.

My husband recently got a Sony eReader Touch. It is very fancy! In the interest of project selection, he suggested that I could make a case for it, with a hard side to protect the screen. A few prototypes were constructed with scrap fabric, including a very slippery and stretch fabric that became incredibly frustrating to work with.

Then I was ready to take the plunge with the 'real' fabric. And here are the results:

The lining and outer layer were sewn separately and then pieces were joined, leaving the flap open. I then inserted a piece of heavy paper board in the top, pressed the corners down for the flap, and top stitched it closed. Finally, I attached a snap that is much to heavy for the item.

The eReader should be inserted with the screen toward the hard side, so it is protected and the pressure of the snap is against the back.

There were definitely some lessons learned. First, a more delicate closure (e.g. Velcro) would have been better. Second, it is slightly too big. I have a different technique in mind for a next iteration, which I'm anxious to try out. Nonetheless, this will go in the success column!

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